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C - The CORE CORE processing according to the situation of oil spill

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

C- Form the CORE CORE oil leakage must be different, as such, we at the time of processing, which is to note must be in what scenario for sure. More common, that is, nozzle, the phenomenon of the oil return, this is because the nozzle itself is a relatively sophisticated components. If the C - CORE CORE use clean diesel or machine use time is long, will there is a phenomenon of oil return because of nozzle wear.

but in the face of all these phenomena cause the CORE CORE oil leakage, we actually also is to pay attention to the change of nozzle to spend a lot of, not economic, in order to avoid the oil return to miss, this time must pay attention to the back through the oil in the tubing directly lead to back to tank, or is introduced into the diesel filter. If it is, of course, return pipe damage, we also is to actually pay attention to must is to use a plastic pipe, of the introduce of the oil directly into the container of his own, after filtered to fall back to the fuel tank.

C- CORE CORE oil, if oil section in the oil, which is to pay attention to should be to make the proper processing, points on pipeline hollow screw washer uneven, should be to unload the washer, the polishing pad to go after, if still cannot solve the problem, in fact, that is, to pay attention to should be to replace the new gasket, or to pay attention to cut the gasket with thick soft plastic material change.

when it is plastic pipes and metal tapping oil, a large part due to plastic pipeline hardening or broken, at that time, that is, to pay attention to cut off its hardening and broken parts, then use hot water.

- CORE CORE in the oil, if because of its metal oil pipeline burst, can take a break at this time in brazing welding is good, in addition, in order to prevent the pipeline rupture, at the time of installation of pipelines, as appropriate to its camber, no hard pull the install, about their play can not and body contact, avoid worn. This solution C - The CORE CORE oil spill is feasible.
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