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Common coding rules for nanocrystalline cores

by:Transmart     2022-04-28

Nanocrystalline and amorphous soft magnetic cores have excellent comprehensive magnetoelectric properties such as low magnetic induction, low permeability, high core loss and good high frequency characteristics. It has a lower cost performance than traditional soft magnetic materials such as ferrite, silicon steel, permalloy, etc. It is widely used in modern communications, power electronics, electromagnetic compatibility, sensors and other low-tech industries, especially limited to lightweight, high-frequency Chemical, low-efficiency inductor and transformer product design. Has very bad prospects for development. According to the classification of application fields, nanocrystalline and amorphous soft magnetic cores include the following brand series: FJ series non-air gap amorphous inductor cores and wire wound inductors, FG ring and C type for car audio, FPC, differential mode and smoothing filtering Notched inductor cores and wound inductors, WUL type high inductance cores and wound inductors for differential mode and smoothing filtering, electromagnetic compatibility common mode anti-interference filtering WWL type nanocrystalline cores, switching power supplies, inverter power transformers and single Low remanence CL type cobalt-based amorphous core for polar pulse, low-remanence high-frequency power transformer CB and CZ cobalt-based amorphous core, spike suppression and magnetic amplifier FX type iron-based composite core and cobalt-based wide Constant Conductivity Core, Precision DC Transformer C Type and Rod Core and Winding Inductance High Current (50-250A) Chopping, Differential Mode and Smoothing Filtering
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