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Common problems must be mentioned in the purchase of magnetic ring inductors

by:Transmart     2022-05-04

Few manufacturers have disclosed the raw material prices of inductors. Although most of the prices of inductor raw materials on the market are completely transparent, sometimes it will inevitably cause some inconvenience to publish the original prices. After all, it is about the profitability of inductor manufacturers. However, as an inductor manufacturer, we can reveal some gossip. Let's not talk too much, let's take a simple look at the raw material price of a magnetic ring inductor. First, let's talk about the magnetic core price of a magnetic ring inductor. Take the core characteristics of a 6*8 magnetic ring inductor Analysis, the cost of this magnetic core is 7-8 cents a penny in most companies, which does not seem to be very high, but relative to other manufacturers, the price is already very high. The lowest price of the magnetic core is about 1-2 cents.

Therefore, some customers will inevitably deal with a situation. The inductor manufacturer's price is low, and there is no problem with the magnetic ring inductance sent for inspection. After integrating the price of the magnetic ring mentioned before, let’s discuss the way here. There is no problem with the inductance products submitted for inspection. The inductance manufacturer deliberately produced it in order to ensure the transaction volume or “produced” it elsewhere. commodity. Signing a contract with such a manufacturer will not cause problems in the initial stage, and then the magnetic ring inductance will continue to have problems. This is because, in order to reduce costs, inductor manufacturers quietly replace the raw materials for inductor production 'a little bit'. First change the magnetic core of the inductor, and after a period of production again, the silk-covered wire of the inductor is also removed and replaced. In response to such an inductor manufacturer, even if the customer conducts a statistical survey on the batch number of inductors, there will be a situation where all the basic standards are met. The quality of the next batch of inductors also has different changes. Jinxin Magnetics can ensure that the inductances sent and delivered are all the same, and we can accept sample testing. Imported raw materials are used in the production of inductance to ensure consistent inductance quality.
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