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Good magnetic material resistivity

by:Transmart     2020-10-01
The smaller the Fe content, the bigger the resistivity. Therefore, in this invention, set the lower limit of Fe content for 45 atom %, in order to achieve as well as increase the resistivity of 0. More than 5 t saturation magnetic flux density. In addition, you can see, even with a high content of Fe, Hf content is less than 5 % % or O content is less than 10 atoms has also led to quite a low resistivity. Up for Fe46 shown in table 1. 2Hf18. 2 o35。 Six of the alloy before heat treatment of the resistivity value is 194000 mu Ω. cm。 This suggests that about 2 can be obtained from this alloy. 0×105μΩ。 The resistivity of cm. In the case of changing external magnetic field frequency magnetic permeability ( μeff) Measurement. The measured samples is a Fe54. 9 Hf11 O34。 1 of alloy film, aluminum silicon alloy membrane and Co based amorphous ribbon, put them in a rotating magnetic field under the temperature of 400 ℃ heat treatment 6 hours. The measurement result is shown in figure 2. 7. In the figure. In figure 7, with the solid line shows the Fe54. 9Hf11O34. 1 alloy membrane, with a dotted line said ferrosilicon alloy membrane, use a little crossed said Co based amorphous thin belt. In an iron silicon aluminum silicate and Co based amorphous thin film in the belt, the higher the frequency, the lower the permeability. On the contrary, in the implementation methods of soft magnetic alloy, Fe 54. 9 Hf 11 O 34. The composition of 1 for high even in high frequency range can be permeability, thus provide the good magnetic material used in high frequency range.
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