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Influence of Amorphous Core Tape Unwinding Method on Productivity

by:Transmart     2022-07-28

As a new type of magnetic permeability raw material, amorphous ribbon material has higher magnetic permeability and cost-effectiveness compared with traditional raw materials, and is widely used in the production and manufacturing industry of transformer magnetic cores. Amorphous aluminum alloys with iron as the key element have the characteristics of high saturation magnetic induction and low loss. Because of this characteristic, amorphous alloy raw materials have a wide indoor space for use in electronic devices, airlines, aerospace, machinery and equipment, electronic optics and other industries. At this stage, with the trend of high frequency and practical development of electronic information technology, amorphous ultra-nano microcrystalline soft magnetic alloy products have already become a variety of magnetic components, replacing silicon steel, metallographic structure and pumice. Alloys are used in power industry, electronic device industrial production and power electronic technology, as transformers, tubular reactors, filters, transformers, control device, etc. At this stage, the production and operation scale of amorphous hot-rolled strip is very large, but except for some companies, most manufacturers choose offline winding, which will definitely reduce the productivity of amorphous hot-rolled strip. Therefore, people will carry out scientific research and analysis on the free online unwinding of amorphous ribbons, and draw conclusions. First of all, people must design an overall plan for free on-line winding of amorphous hot-rolled strips, use rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor as the working motor, and master the vector control method of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor. The physical specifications of each roller are calculated and clarified, and the type of motor can be applied according to the provisions of load inertia pairing and output power pairing. The main parameter page selects the MFC control module to design the scheme in Visualc.0. Secondly, the hardware design of the control circuit board based on DSP28335 is carried out, including the minimum system control module, communication control module and human-computer interaction technology control module. Software development is under the natural environment of CCS3.3 compilation, including communication program flow, LCD display driver installation and motor control program flow. The double closed-loop control and regulation of the rate control loop and the current quantity control loop of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor are carried out. Use MFC to write the industrial touch screen of the microcomputer, and carry out online monitoring of the operation of the motor. Finally, the general structure and classification of the support force system software are introduced in detail, and the closed-loop tension control method of constant support force winding is obtained. The mathematical analysis model of the support force system software with rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor as the driving force component is established. The responsive robust control (ARC) computer algorithm based on the equation of state is used to calculate the control board supporting the force loop and the velocity loop. The simulation results show that the design scheme is very reasonable.
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