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Introduce the material properties of nanocrystalline cores

by:Transmart     2022-05-02

It is known that in nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, Fe-Si supergrains with a typical grain size of 10-15 nm are the basis for excellent soft magnetic properties. Knowing the material microstructure does not automatically lead to feasible and accurate material loss calculations. The limited material loss data provided by nanocrystalline core manufacturers, especially for frequencies above 100 kHz, hinders the application of nanocrystalline materials for high frequency magnetism. In this paper, the core loss density of nanocrystalline materials is measured for frequencies up to 500 kHz and fluid densities above 1 Tesla. Analytical calculations will also help to model the core loss required for magnetic design. The FT-3M was chosen for its mid-range typical features and usability.
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