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Magnetic circuit commonly referred to as what

by:Transmart     2020-09-18
The magnetic circuit commonly referred to as the 'transformer core, the flow paths, designed to provide the magnetic field for the induction voltage between the two winding is needed. However, this type of transformer structure ( Two of the winding coil on the separate branch) Not because the winding apart from each other. This leads to low magnetic coupling between the two winding and a large number of magnetic flux leakage from the transformer itself. But in addition to the 'O' shape structure, there are different types of transformer structure and design are available, and is used to overcome the low efficiency, resulting in a small compact transformer. Close contact with each other through the two winding magnetic coupling, which can increase the efficiency of the simple structure of transformer. Increase and magnetic circuit around the focus coil can improved the magnetic coupling between the two winding, but it also has increased the role of magnetic loss of transformer core. In addition to provide low magnetic reluctance path, magnetic core is designed to reduce the current core itself. Called 'vortexing' current cause heating and energy loss, reduce the efficiency of transformer. These losses are mainly caused by iron circuits of induction voltage, continually external sinusoidal voltage setting of the iron circuit effect of alternating magnetic field.
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