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Magnetic core compared to common winding machine, winding the seven major strengths

by:Transmart     2020-10-03
The development trend of modern science and technology has a very significant characteristics, is more and more automation, reducing the labor demand, coiling machine is also, from the hand to the magnetic core winding and assembly line production, people know that the efficiency must be taller than before, but the magnetic core compared to common winding machine, winding and what are the advantages? Let the author explain! 1: through the PLC controller, can adjust the magnetic core of clear of winding speed, winding number, time, debugging is convenient. 2: tightly neat rows of wire diameter deformation are not affected. 3: according to different input program, can be a variety of different winding on the same machine. 4: a man's labor can be finished in the past more than ten people work, higher efficiency greatly, and reduces the cost. 5: magnetic core winding save power. 6: workshop personnel to complete the operation, after simple training. 7: can around the sample of the diversification. Winding machine industry development trend and the trend of science and technology today is similar as a whole, for example, automation, intelligent and humanization, diversification, only a little is not the same, is miniaturization, volume or even hand winding machine big contrast, but it also accord with human body operation habit.
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