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Magnetic core of Angle sensor can be used in the field?

by:Transmart     2020-10-17
Do you know the Angle sensor are the core application? As a measurement of Angle sensor, nature is applied to the need to measure the tilt Angle of the industry, so what are the areas is the need to measure the Angle? General actually, like, medical, automotive industry, machinery, ship industry and even airlines are involved, but the light of the general said, you might not understand, so we have to tidy it up, and see what is specific. Television tower. Inclinometer. Level calibration apparatus; Bridge jacking construction; Urban pipeline robot; Land on the large crane; Electric vehicles on the seesaw. Landslide monitoring; Satellite attitude control; Shipping in the process of the air bag launching; Human upper limbs motion input devices, Artillery fieldwork sort of flat on the system; Large pipelaying barge hook swing monitoring and adjustment; Bridge laying, mainly used for the design and construction of the bridge; Tunnel, can measure the levelness of the tunnel in the construction of tunnel, etc. ; Track inspection instrument for real-time detection of railway slope and height difference; Medical enterprise, widely used in medical equipment and the human body detection, etc; Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the real-time unmanned connect profile information, accurate flight safety; Mountain, which can be used to measure the tilt Angle of the mountain, the occurrence of natural disasters such as landslides; Machinery installation, marble platform level adjustment, zero calibration, machine tool of equality; Qingping base groove machine, used for the foundation base trough and the ground flat farmland. To monitor and control flatness; Submarine water platform on the calibration, compass, log all the levelness requirements is very high, portable level calibration apparatus; The airship attitude control, used for forest fire monitoring, security infrared imaging, and other precision instruments to collect data accuracy; Nuclear industry and aerospace enterprise, can be applied in the satellite, the real-time system to detect the status of the satellite body tilt Angle and run; Dam construction, in the construction of the dam for dam monitoring, real-time monitoring of dam displacement and dam after small tilt Angle; Railway, the railway industry can be used to measure the smoothness of track, high-speed train car body tilt measurement, and track the signal tower Angle; Many places in the factory, the factory can to the obliquity sensor, such as: iron and steel factory in cast iron surface smoothness and the inclination of the factory chimneys, etc. ; On ships, cargo ships generally use Angle sensor to detect the hull itself in the process of running tilt, prevent due to the large inclination caused by turnover phenomenon; Artillery, gun shooting with a gun is very tall to the requirement of bed dip Angle, using the sensor design digital quadrant, can obviously increase the speed of adjustment gun bed, reduce the difficulty of the operation, The on-board optoelectronic tracking equipment, install dual-axis tilt sensors in the optoelectronic tracking equipment base, the levelness of the real-time monitoring of the base, guarantee vehicle photoelectric tracking equipment and high precision work; Automobile industry and can be used for car four rounds of the positioning of the tire and anti-theft system, car and truck can also be used for communication Angle monitoring, and even the aerial vehicle positioning and navigation system on the ground; Level of shipborne platforms for shipborne satellite tracking antenna base, in order to keep the antenna has been at the level state, the platform for real-time control, can isolate the pitch and roll motion of the ship, the platform level; Construction, construction of the horizontal and vertical demand is higher, so in the construction industry Angle sensor is a big space to use, use the place also is more, but the current usage is less, further market development; Paddy field grader for southern paddy soil formation, paddy field fine leveling technology is in the process of rice production higher saving irrigation water, fertilizers, inhibit the growth of weeds, important measures to increase rice production, reduce production cost; Large photoelectric equipment datum plane automatic leveling system, by the installed on the base of Angle sensor magnetic core testing datum plane direction and the size of dip Angle, the Angle according to leveling algorithm conversion for a number of mechanical leg elongation, drive mechanical leg extension to reference plane level.
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