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Magnetic core of multi-axis force sensor is what kind of a sensor?

by:Transmart     2020-10-12
Sensor magnetic core popular understanding is the transmission of sensory information machines, different types of sensors, pass different sensory information, also known senses, that is, feeling outside things to stimulate organs, like our eyes mouth nose, but for the machine, the sensor can realize the senses pass all the information, so what is the role of multi-axis force sensor? What is a machine? Axial force is more DuoWeiLi, the sensor is two or more than two directions can be measured simultaneously force and torque component of the sensor, according to different needs, DuoWeiLi can be 2 d, 3 d, 4 d, 5 d forces, six dimensional force, because in some cases need to measure the several components, enough is ok, don't need too much. But a complete form is six dimensional force sensor, because it can simultaneously measure the three points, power and torque component, use more is it in the market. Strengths compared with those of single core axis force sensor is also can solve caused by structure processing and process error between d ( Between the shaft) The interference problem, the problem of dynamic and static calibration and vector decoupling algorithm and circuit implementation of operation, etc. Front said so much, you also don't know its specific application. Robot fingers, gripper research; Robotic surgery research; Refers to the force; Dental research; Force feedback; Braking test; Precision assembly and cutting. Rehabilitation research; Plastic surgery research; Product testing; Tactile feedback. Teaching and learning. Industry covers, automobile manufacturing, automated assembly line assembly robot, biomechanics, aerospace, textile industry and other fields.
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