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Magnetic material should have high saturation? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-19
In addition, should choose not higher than the saturation value of magnetic flux density, because it can cause big exciting current. Soft magnetic alloy core saturation value is BH curve began to bend and tends to level at the time of the magnetic flux density ( B) The value of the. Using low flux density to keep the magnetizing current and low iron loss would be required to increase the cross-sectional area of magnetic circuit, which means more iron. Motor and transformer core of magnetic material should have high saturation and permeability, to keep the field current within the reasonable lower limit. When the core is used in the alternating magnetic field, magnetic core material should be able to produce small iron losses ( Hysteresis and eddy current loss) 。 Inductor current filter unit. Through the change of the resistance current, when the ac current in each cycle peak, filtering inductance will accumulate the energy stored in essence, and the energy released when. Power inductor structure within the required core air gap. The purpose of clearance is to store energy, and core saturation under load. To express the function of air gap, said another kind of method is it reduce and control the magnetic permeability structure. Due to mu = B/H, the smaller the value of the mu, in less than the magnetic flux density of magnetic material ( Bsat) The larger value of B value under the support of H ( Or current) The greater the value. An envelope is Bsat cannot change. The history and trend of motor magnetic materials. Display materials including silicon, iron and cobalt nickel iron laminated steel, as well as amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetic materials and soft magnetic composite material. Introduced the development trend of the selected material and the current usage, and prospects the study of the new type of magnetic material of motor applications. Transformer core, high efficiency motor, shield and electronic devices, such as LF power sensors, choke, relay parts, solenoid and oscillator.
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