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Magnetic ring inductance three basic color wires and winding method -

by:Transmart     2023-01-14

The three basic color wires of the magnetic ring inductor are wound together, and the three windings have independent pins. When winding, if the wires are not marked, when the wires are pulled out, it is very easy to divide the pins in the wrong position, and the phase error occurs. Through the winding test one by one, the efficiency is too low. The following is a more practical winding method. The magnetic ring inductance is double-wired and wound. Generally, gold-red wires, or gold wires and three-layer insulated wires, two different colors of wires, and three wires are used in parallel. Three different colors of wires can be used for winding. I met a 358125 Sentinel magnetic ring inductor. The customer requested to use 1.5 wire diameter natural color enameled wire. The three wires are all the same color, so direct winding is definitely not possible. Winding method: 1. Take any two of the three wires, and use white and black paint to mark the wire ends at both ends. 2. Take two wires with marked colors and wind them together for the required 15 turns. 3. Take the third thread without a mark and pull it for 15 turns, and arrange the thread in the gap of the first 15 turns. After the winding is completed, the wires are pulled and divided, black thread ends to black thread ends, white to white, and the rest is the true color. Then according to the requirements of the length and distance of the feet, a specific foot board is used to cut the feet, and there is no need to test the phases of the windings one by one. This method of operation is safe and efficient.
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