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Sensor is the classification of the magnetic core

by:Transmart     2020-09-23
A low coercive force and high permeability magnetic material. Soft magnetic material is easy to be magnetized, also easy to demagnetization, used in electrical equipment and electronic equipment. Based on multiple sensors magnetic core is silicon alloy iron ( Silicon steel sheet) And soft magnetic ferrite, etc. There are many different kinds of soft magnetic material, usually according to the composition is divided into: (1) pure iron and low carbon steel. Carbon content lower than 0. 04%, including the electromagnetism pure iron, iron and carbonyl iron electrolysis. Its characteristic is high saturation magnetization, low price, processing performance is good; But its low resistivity, large eddy current loss under alternating magnetic field, only suitable for use under static, such as manufacturing electromagnetic iron core, pole shoe, relay and speaker magnetic conductor and magnetic shielding cover, etc. (2) department of silicon alloy of iron. Silicon content 0. 5% ~ 4. 8%, generally made from thin plate use, commonly known as the silicon steel sheet. After adding silicon in pure iron, can eliminate the magnetic magnetic materials with the use of time and the phenomenon of change. Reduced with the increase of silicon content, thermal conductivity, brittleness increases, the saturation magnetization intensity decreased, but its high resistivity and magnetic conductivity, coercive force and eddy current loss is reduced, which can be used in the field of communication, make motor iron core, transformers, relays, transformers, etc. (3) department of iron and aluminum alloy. Aluminum containing 6% ~ 16%, and has a good soft magnetic properties, permeability and high resistivity, high hardness, good wear resistance, but brittle, mainly used in the manufacture of small transformers, relays, magnetic amplifier of iron core and magnetic head, ultrasonic transducer, etc. (4) iron silicon aluminum alloy. In binary alloy iron adding silicon. The hardness, saturated magnetic induction intensity, magnetic permeability and resistivity is higher. The disadvantage is that magnetic sensitive to constituent fluctuations brittleness is big, processing performance is poor. Mainly used for audio and video head. (5) nickel iron alloy. Nickel content is 30% ~ 90%, also called permalloy, through the ratio of alloying element and proper process, can control magnetic energy, high permeability, constant magnetic, magnetic moment of soft magnetic materials, etc. Its high plasticity, are sensitive to stress, can be used as a material of pulse transformer and inductor core and functional magnetic materials. 6 iron cobalt alloy. The cobalt content in 27% ~ 50%. With high saturation magnetization, low resistivity. Suitable for manufacturing pole shoe, the motor rotor and stator, small transformer core, etc. 7) soft magnetic ferrite. Non-metallic ferrous magnetic soft magnetic materials. High resistivity ( 10 - 2~1010Ω·m) , saturation magnetization intensity is lower than the metal, the price is low, is used as the inductive components and transformer components ( See the ferrite) 。 Was amorphous soft magnetic alloy. A long range order, grain alloy, also known as glass, metal or amorphous metal. Its high magnetic permeability and resistivity, coercive force is small, is not sensitive to stress, there is no magnetocrystalline anisotropy caused by the crystal structure, has many characteristics, such as corrosion resistance and high strength. In addition, the Curie point is much lower than amorphous soft magnetic materials, greatly reduce the power loss, is a kind of is the development and utilization of new soft magnetic materials. Pet-name ruby superfine crystalline soft magnetic alloy. A kind of soft magnetic materials found in the 1980 s. Consists of less than 50 nanometers in crystal phase and amorphous phase composition of grain boundary, has better comprehensive performance than crystalline and amorphous alloy not only high magnetic permeability, low coercive force, low iron loss, and saturated magnetic induction intensity is high, the stability is good. The main research is iron base superfine crystal alloy.
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