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Sensor magnetic core manufacturer for you of the importance of reading overload protection

by:Transmart     2020-10-18

Sensors have a lot of parameters in magnetic core index, but not less is overload protection, overload protection is what? Prevent damage of main power lines caused by overload protector is overheating and equipped with protection devices, sensors, overload phenomenon of what would happen? Too much electricity, heating, electrical equipment line overload for a long time can reduce the line insulation level, even burning device or circuit. So the overload protection is very necessary, is also very important, sensor overload protection is when the equipment load, also won't appear burn burned. 

 Each kind of sensor magnetic core should design overload protection, in the process of using no one can guarantee there will not be measured value is greater than the range, the design can overload protection is very good use of sensor and extended service life.

 To the overload protection of different sensor is how to design and scope of overload is how much, this is we should know when buying equipment. In the process of use can also avoid overload burn out. Each sensor magnetic core of overload protection way each have each advantages and disadvantages, for example, overload protection, pressure sensor in the design should be realized using the method of convex, forming method with the back of the etching technology, silicon direct bonding technology, glass etching technology, etc. However, the limitations of the structure are usually have a big cavity is larger size, higher sensitivity is restricted, and reduces the utilization rate of silicon wafer, increased the complexity of the manufacturing process, increase the cost of production. After read this article, we also know that the benefits of the overload protection, understand the importance of it.                                

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