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Several kinds of circular ring core winding winding method

by:Transmart     2020-10-07
The annular core winding factor in 20 - Changes between 60%, typical values for 35 - in many applications 40%. In practice, several annular winding method of use: a, single layer: number of turns in the core of the restrictions on the diameter of the circle divided by line. Advantage is low winding capacitance, repeatable parasitic effect, good cooling and low cost. The disadvantage is that reduces the power handling and high magnetic flux leakage. Second, low filling: to facilitate the manufacture and reduce the capacitance, can use single winding coefficient between and 30%. Three, completely winding: between 30% and 45% of the factors is usually in full use of a given core reasonable tradeoff between size of the space available, at the same time avoid manufacturing costs too much. : four, high filling up to about 65% of the winding coefficient, but usually the use of special expensive measures, such as residual hole became too small and cannot adapt to winding spindle by hand after complete each coil. Calculation of the single layer winding nominal dc resistance is simple. The average length of turning ( MLT) The length of is arbitrary turning along the core surface. Data can be found on each core data page MLT. Calculation of magnetic core, wire gauge and the coefficient of the selected number of turns of the winding. Online platform to view the selected specifications of resistance per unit length. The selected core data page, refer to the winding length of turning the chart. Unless winding factor happens to be one of the values listed, otherwise the interpolation to find the MLT.
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