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Soft magnetic alloy includes several alloy systems? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-17
According to its relative permeability, a lot of alloy group are located in the left column, its value from the bottom. Similarly, the same group according to their relative flux density is located in. The third column to according to the long experience will alloy associated costs from low to compare width. Permeability soft magnetic materials include many nickel iron and nickel and cobalt soft magnetic alloy, and pure iron, used in parts of these components require high initial permeability and larger magnetic permeability and easy to manufacture. Make aviation grade alloy precision equipment, skills and knowledge is used to make soft magnetic materials. From ultra clean raw material, in QiGan melting, vacuum induction smelting and vacuum induction melting furnace, using different techniques and skills in a controlled atmosphere conditions for melting and refining the material. According to the customer's specifications, through forging, hot and cold rolling, wire drawing and heat treatment to the combination of manufacturing products. Soft magnetic alloy includes two kinds of alloy system: 1. 2 soft magnetic alloy. 1 Sofcomag alloy. Soft magnetic iron nickel alloy SOFTMAG alloy has wide magnetic relative to the nickel content. High nickel alloy of high initial permeability, low saturation; The low initial permeability of low nickel alloy, but high saturation induction. Small amounts of other alloying elements ( Molybdenum and copper) Added to the alloy, and USES the different processing skills ( For example, in annealing) In order to enhance or enhance a specific characteristic. Efficient energy storage and transmission of thin nickel alloy and soft magnetic materials, including Invar 36 for OLED application. The characteristics of the nickel and iron is has high magnetic permeability and low iron loss.
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