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Soft magnetic alloy is mainly used in information processing

by:Transmart     2020-09-18
High permeability and low coercive force of soft magnetic alloy is mainly used for the field of information processing and energy conversion, such as pole shoe, magnetic conductor, the magnetic shielding, permalloy core the rotor and stator of the motor, transformer and relay core and a variety of communications, sensors, record the magnetic components ( Meter) Such as industrial pure iron, Fe - Fe - Si alloy Fe - Ni alloy Al alloy, Fe - Si- Al alloy, Fe - Co alloy, etc. High magnetic saturation alloy, high magnetic conductivity alloy, alloy Gao Pingfang ratio, constant magnetic conductivity alloy, temperature compensation alloy, magnetostrictive alloy, etc. Manufacturing has good magnetic soft magnetic alloy main method is to control the chemical composition, the proper manufacturing skills and annealing. Soft magnetic materials is just the magnetizing force in them ( For example, when electric current flows through a wire around the soft magnetic core by a magnetic field produced by When is the magnetic. Soft ferromagnetic materials is associated with circuit, usually in the circuit, they are used in amplifying current magnetic flux. These materials can be used for alternating current (ac) ( AC) And direct current ( DC) In the circuit. Transmission and appliances ( Such as motor and transformer) The energy loss ( In the magnetic core) Total power consumption of 3. 4%. Magnetic iron silicon steel is mainly used for such applications. 96% for motor and transformer. However, their magnetic has close to saturation, and the size and thermal performance of the more important key will be replaced.
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