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Soft magnetic alloys are easily magnetized material? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-30
For designers carefully, to choose more suitable for application and reasonable price of soft magnetic alloy is not easy. Soft magnetic alloy core need to be careful, to find the features and characteristics of need, and don't need too much. Many designers find selection process is confusing and boring. Decision-making information needed is usually not in one place. Even if the conditions are available, compare several candidate alloy remains a challenge. There are several factors affect the choice of the soft magnetic alloy. An external factor is the resistance to corrosion, this to exposed to weather or other corrosive environment of equipment is important. Another is the resistivity, it is a measure of the current can be easily through the alloy. The higher resistivity, the smaller the eddy current loss in alternating magnetic field application. The smaller the eddy current loss, the less energy waste. Should avoid too large eddy current loss, because the eddy current loss might overheat the motor. Choice matrix but, want to consider the important magnetic standard is relative performance characteristics, namely sensitivity ( Permeability) And intensity ( Magnetic flux density) , as well as consider the corresponding cost of alloy. Has developed a matrix to compare these key values. The matrix can choose for a specific application for designers to explore what alloy group provide preliminary guidance. These groups include the currently available nickel and iron, ferrosilicon alloy, iron alloy, iron, cobalt alloy and ferritic stainless steel.
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