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Ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core on the production process

by:Transmart     2021-01-23

said to transformer core in general, in fact also be ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core. Speaking of silicon steel, also is a kind of containing silicon ( Silicon is also called silicon) 8%. Is ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core, to a large extent is because silicon steel itself is a kind of relatively strong magnetic material permeability ability.

in the current coil, ultra-thin silicon steel sheet is itself also will produce larger magnetic induction intensity, that is, in large extent can cause a narrowing the volume of a transformer. 35 mm thick cold rolled silicon steel sheet, according to the need to the size of the core, it cut into long piece, then it will to a large extent, namely direct overlapping as the 'day' or 'mouth' glyph glyph. From the word, if when it is to reduce the eddy current, the thinner the thickness of the silicon steel sheet, with respect to its patchwork on the strip, that is, the more narrow, better effect.

as a result, for ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core, will not only reduce the eddy current loss, reduce its temperature rise, can also save on the silicon steel sheet materials. But it in fact produce ultra-thin silicon steel sheet iron core. Not only from the side of the favorable factors, because to make iron core, not only can greatly increase the working hours, will to a large extent, is also will reduce the effective cross section on the iron core.

the end, we also is to pay attention to in ultra-thin silicon steel sheet made of silicon steel sheet of transformer core, not only should start from the specific circumstances, weigh the pros and cons, choose the best size. For the transformer, is also made according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, and above the core column of the closure is also actually have two windings, a primary winding, the other is vice winding.
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