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What about the role of anti-jamming core winding?

by:Transmart     2020-09-30
A, anti-jamming core winding is an electronic device does not interfere with other equipment, at the same time, it is not affected by other equipment, electromagnetic compatibility and the security of the familiar, is one of the important indicators of the quality of the products, related to personal and property safety, and electromagnetic compatibility is related to personal and environmental protection. Second, anti-jamming core winding definition: electromagnetic waves and electronic components, produce interference phenomenon, called the anti-interference magnetic ring, for example, the common 'snow' on the TV screen said received signal interference. Three, anti-interference of the circular usage: anti-interference circular and anti-interference magnetic ring used to suppress the interference of power cables, signal lines, at the same time also has the ability to absorb electrostatic pulse. 1, directly set in a root or a bunch of power supply, signal lines, anti-jamming circular and to increase the interference energy absorption, can be repeatedly around in circles; 2, anti-interference with installation clip the circular magnetic ring, suitable for compensating interference resistance; 3, easy to clip on the power cord and signal lines; 4, flexible, reusable installation; 5, core winding belt cassette fixed, do not affect the overall image of the equipment. EMI absorption circular/magnetic beads absorption interference ability is characterized by the impedance characteristics, present low sensibility in low frequency impedance value, does not affect the useful signal transmission on the data line or telecom, at high frequencies, about 10 MHZ, impedance increases, the inductance component remains small, resistive quantity increases rapidly, the high frequency EMI interference energy in the form of heat absorption dissipation, circular and usually use two key points of frequency 25 MHZ and 100 MHZ calibration EMI resistance to absorb magnetic ring/absorption properties of magnetic beads.
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