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What advantage does soft magnetic alloy with? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-17
Medium frequency power transformer/inverter, soft magnetic alloy core high-power switching power supply, pulse transformer, magnetic amplifier, saturation power transformers, PFC inductor, filter inductor and the magnetic core. Material after being magnetized, magnetization intensity decreases to zero, is actually the induction of residual values. B r. Is a kind of Ni - containing 30% nickel Fe alloy. The Curie point is small, can be reduced to 40 oc - 100 oc, in order to obtain the ideal temperature compensation. Curie temperature of a soft magnetic alloy 30 just above room temperature. Saturated polarization purely based on ambient temperature. To this end, provides soft magnetic alloy, by slightly changing its chemical composition, can provide between 30 oc adjustable Curie temperature between 120 oc. Alloy with low permeability and high resistivity. Because of the different processing technology, it has two same chemical properties but different magnetic, etc. Amorphous zone is a new kind of soft magnetic materials. It's about a c/s with the cooling speed of solidification of molten metal produced good skills. In the process, the metal in the form of a strip speed quenching, thickness of 25 35 microns, due to the high, the microstructure of amorphous alloy. What advantage does soft magnetic alloy with? Such as high permeability, high saturation inductance, high resistivity, high density, low iron loss and good stability. It can replace silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite materials. It is widely used in electronic products, more need good stability.
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