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What is a crystal strip

by:Transmart     2020-05-22
What is crystal strip of amorphous strip, if you ask whether others know it, the vast majority of people listen to is stupid. Amorphous strip? Never heard that listening to, is the high-tech materials. In fact it is in our life, we use the high voltage electric appliance has it inside. So what exactly is a crystal strip? We give you science. As we all know, material is made of atoms, atoms are in a certain order and random permutation, we called the internal atomic random sort of amorphous material, whereas an orderly is the crystal material. Amorphous materials and amorphous material, we can come into contact with in our daily life. Amorphous strip, popular said is material between crystalline and amorphous state of the material. It does not exist in nature, it is our human invention. Crystalline materials such as steel melting, high temperature internal atomic strenuous exercise, cooling temperature, atomic motion, as the temperature decreases slowly according to the original order sequence, the formation of crystal. Imagine, if the crystal melts, fast cooling, making it too late to rearrange atoms by in situ solidification, this creates amorphous strip. The scientists found that amorphous strip has high permeability, high resistivity, high magnetic induction, corrosion resistance and other excellent features, with traditional materials incomparable advantages. Therefore, because of its so many advantages, such as communication, electronic appliances, overtemperature conductor is widely used in the industry. The huge domestic market demand, lead the amorphous strip industry rapid development.
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