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What is the difference between amorphous magnetic ring and ferrite? -

by:Transmart     2023-01-04

1. The difference between amorphous core and ferrite core 1. Saturation magnetization 1.5T, ferrite 0.5T; 2. High magnetic permeability can be many times higher than high manganese zinc ferrite (thin strip) ; 3. High Curie temperature and good temperature characteristics; 4. The resistivity is not as high as that of ferrite, and the high frequency loss will still be worse than that of ferrite; 5. The magnetic permeability of ferrite core is much higher than that of iron powder core , Generally used in the production of high frequency transformers and common mode inductors. There are many gaps inside the iron powder core as the air gap of the magnetic core, which is generally used for energy storage inductors and differential mode inductors.
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