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What's it like in soft magnetic alloy material?

by:Transmart     2020-09-17
What kind of soft magnetic alloy material? In fact he is the easy magnetization and demagnetization of ferromagnetic materials. Soft magnetic alloy core in order to provide good magnetic energy, the alloy of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen content is low. They rely on adding phosphorus, nickel and silicon to optimize the magnetic induction intensity, magnetic permeability and coercive force. With the nominal 2050 F ( 1120 C) The standard PM sintering process of metal mesh belt furnace ( 圣) Compared to high temperature sintering ( HT) Can make a lot of these alloy magnetic can benefit. Typical applications include wheel, relay, iron core, sensor probe, armature, solenoid components and pole shoe. Powder metallurgy skills used in the production of soft magnetic materials and permanent magnets. Powder metallurgy process can without any increase in the secondary machining under the condition of the product production to the shape, and to achieve the ideal magnetic energy. Used for soft magnetic press forming combination types include: pure iron - High saturation inductance, good larger permeability but low resistivity to make the material is suitable for dc magnetic applications, such as electromagnetic clutch. Aviation grade alloy precision equipment, knowledge is used to make soft magnetic materials. Soft magnetic materials include all kinds of nickel iron and nickel and cobalt soft magnetic alloy and used to require high initial and larger magnetic permeability and components of pure iron is easy to make soft magnetic alloy consists of two kinds of alloy system: 1. 2 soft magnetic alloy. Sofcomag alloy
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