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Why is amorphous iron core widely used in domestic high-power welding machines

by:Transmart     2023-01-03

At present, a large proportion of domestic high-power welding machines use amorphous iron cores, while most foreign countries also use ferrite cores. The most used inverter frequency is 20kHz, the amorphous iron core should be said to have a material cost advantage over ferrite, but due to the characteristics of the material, the current amorphous iron core can only be supplied in a ring form, which is not convenient for the coil. Automatic winding. Most foreign companies use ferrite cores rather than amorphous cores, while domestic companies widely use amorphous cores out of material cost considerations. The soft-switching power supply technology in foreign inverter welding machines is not very common, especially the majority of 20kHz inverter welding machines still use hard switching, but the capacity margin of the switching devices used is much larger than that of domestic welding machines, thus ensuring High reliability of the inverter power supply. This is determined by different labor costs. Because of the manufacturing and assembly costs of additional electromagnetic components required by the soft switching circuit, the amorphous core will exceed the material cost of increasing the capacity of the switching device where the labor cost is high. In foreign soft switching power supply technology, the amorphous iron core is mainly aimed at high-frequency and high-power welding machines working at 60-120kHz, mainly to improve the response speed of the power supply and facilitate a more precise waveform control process.
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