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A class of composite material is a soft magnetic material? _

by:Transmart     2020-09-22
However, soft ferrite will suffer saturated magnetization ( M s) Silicon steel, permalloy core is about a quarter. This greatly limits the use of soft ferrite design equipment of power density, therefore has limited their application. The current good material is amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy, invented in 1967 and 1988, respectively. They are not the same as nano structure and extremely thin laminated together, even under the high frequency can inhibit the eddy current loss. But by cutting and stacking or winding extremely thin and fragile laminated to manufacture a part may be challenging. Composite material is a kind of soft magnetic materials, in the field of soft magnetic, they called the pressed powder core or soft magnetic composite material. These materials by coated with insulating adhesives and under high pressure consolidation micronstructured particle composition. Although their performance is quite moderate, but their isotropic properties make it more suitable for use in a rotating motor. Alloy magnetic powder core is by putting a ferromagnetic powder preparation of soft magnetic materials and insulating medium. Mainly used for high-frequency inductors. We mainly produce iron powder core. Three core duster is A1, from 6% to 9% 85% of Si and Fe, it is mainly used to replace I RON powder core. 80% lower loss than iron powder core loss. Does not produce noise when working under different frequencies; Mainly used in communications, inductance, the output inductor, line filter, power factor correction circuit, etc. High permeability and low coercive force of soft magnetic alloy is mainly used for the field of information processing and energy conversion, such as pole shoe, magnetic conductor, the magnetic shielding, the rotor and stator of the motor, transformer and relay iron core and a variety of communications, sensors, record the magnetic components ( Meter) 。
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