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All core magnetic saturation, improve work efficiency of transformer

by:Transmart     2021-01-25
The core magnetic saturation all-round analysis, enhances the working efficiency of the transformer - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:11 in transformers, inductors, etc, the saturated state of the iron core is what? In order to facilitate everybody understand a little bit more simple said, is the assumption that the iron core on a unit of electric current, then the corresponding magnetic field intensity is 1; When the current is added to the two units, magnetic field intensity becomes 2. 3 or so; When the current is 5, magnetic field intensity is 7; But when the current is 6, magnetic field intensity is still 7; Or continue to increase current was 7 iron core is saturated. ( Of course it is dangerous to increase current on saturation state, is more than helping readers easy to understand, in the absence of any defense, don't easily to try. ) Also by measuring method, the detection of resistance in series in the circuit, measuring its waveform, if turn when the waveform in the slope up, then the basic can be judged as saturated. Transformer in general, we usually doing, we usually try to use iron core inductors in the characteristics of high permeability, constantly improve the efficiency, but because of the limitation of the core itself, through the flux not unlimited increase, so the saturated state. And iron core saturation, flux basic won't have change. Lose inductance coil winding on the core, or reactance, the total resistance coil toward zero, even at the ends of the coil voltage is not high, also can produce large current, increase the copper loss, even can make coil will be destroyed, thus bring negative impact on the operation of the circuit. Next, we tend to be concerned about, how to prevent core saturation state, or in a state of saturated to unsaturated state? To prevent saturation can begin to start in the first place in the core material, choose according to the required high saturation magnetic flux density of the material, we usually adopt imported cold rolled silicon steel sheet. Of course does not exclude the saturation magnetic flux density is better than silicon steel sheet material, but they generally expensive, unless special requests are seldom used. Second, pay attention to the core manufacturing quality, improve production technology skills, to improve the magnetization curve of iron core. Also can according to the requirements and under the condition of reasonable increase core area; Or when the design, open a small gap, an iron core of the south China sea according to the air gap core in mass production of the broad masses of customer demand specific reference & other; KaiQi gap core & ndash; — How ugly have & throughout; The article. Believe that your understand easily. Also can decrease the exciting current and the excitation voltage to restore core to unsaturated condition. ( For the use of electromagnetic induction principle for electrical devices such as the work of magnetic field called excitation) 。 Or broken excitation source, make the material magnetic restoration. Of course, there are always two sides to anything, especially in the endless scientific world. Magnetic saturation is one of the physical properties of magnetic material, the above about the negative effects brought by it, but it also has the positive side. Such as magnetic saturation voltage regulator, which makes use of the magnetic saturation of iron core characteristics to achieve the goal of steady voltage, it is composed of zener diode voltage stabilizing circuit, because the zener diode work in reverse breakdown state, its basic on both ends of the voltage is the same. And as the use of the saturable reactor, it is a kind of saturation controllable core reactor, it is the inductance of a straight line, will not change, as the change of current and unsaturated reactor, its inductance with the increase of the electric current is a curve.
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