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Amorphous iron core began to be adopted in the transformer manufacturer

by:Transmart     2020-05-10
The traditional power transformer core production technology is silicon steel sheet as the basic materials, on reducing transformer itself damage, no matter what country no matter and producers, in choose high quality silicon steel sheet as a prerequisite to reduce transformer damage itself, to increase the power to change experienced. As raw materials production industry technology progress, so far the transformer production industry, especially the distribution network to use the small transformer, production manufacturers began to use material of amorphous alloy iron core transformer. So-called amorphous alloy, commonly refers to a kind of right and the use of special ultra fast cooling process of metal materials, because the limit of material production process, common are strip. Amorphous alloy sees fit in its production process and use the ultra rapid cooling condensation technology, get in the microstructure of materials, metal atoms from the liquid ( Molten steel) Solidified into a solid, the atoms ihave arranged in common crystal structure is curing. The atomic structure of the status of the disordered arrangement is known as the amorphous, thus produced by material was changed into amorphous alloy. Amorphous alloy material is discovered have very special good guide magnetic force can, easy to complete its demagnetization and magnetized process, is an iron core material damage is greatly reduced, achieve high efficiency and energy saving effect. So as a kind of very good permeability material was introduced into the demand such as transformer magnetic circuit products. See fit and use of amorphous alloy gold cause transformer core, and assembled into transformer, amorphous alloy transformer or called amorphous alloy iron core transformer.
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