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Amorphous iron core to reduce a large amount of energy loss

by:Transmart     2020-05-11
Amorphous alloy iron core transformer is the use of the new type of magnetic material of amorphous alloy iron core transformer, it is larger than that of silicon steel sheet for iron core transformer no-load damage decreased by about seventy-five percent, no-load current decreased by about eighty percent, energy saving effect is so far ideal distribution transformer, especially suitable for use on farm grid and progress in areas such as load rate is low. Discussion of our country has so far has been able to amorphous iron baseband spewing 140 mm wide. Its are main the unique place is: ( 1) Amorphous alloy iron chip thickness is very thin, only 20 ~ 30 FTM, supplement coefficient is low, about 0. 82. ( 2) Amorphous alloy iron core allowable flux density is low, the single-phase transformer normal 1. 3 to 1. Take 1 4 t, ordinary three-phase transformer. 25 ~ 1. 35 t。 So the product default by material limit is higher. ( 3) The hardness of amorphous alloy is 5 times of silicon steel sheet, shear processing is very difficult, the ordinary transformer manufactory can only use molding iron core made of amorphous alloy transformer. ( 4) Amorphous alloy iron core material is very keen to mechanical stress, whether it's a gravity buckling stress will influence its magnetic force can still. Because of this, on the body structure of large transformer should be thinking about problems trying to detract from core force. ( 5) Magnetic domain expansion degree of amorphous alloy, estimated at 10% more than the silicon steel sheet and is not suitable for excessive clamping, because of the amorphous alloy transformer noise can be higher than the silicon steel sheet iron core transformer. Three-phase amorphous alloy transformer core is merged into four box probably similar three-phase five pillar has the structure of the iron cross the conjugate joints, iron core and winding are rectangular section, but each has its mechanical support structure. The overall pace of development of China's amorphous distribution transformer is not fast, investigate its main comprised is price. Amorphous alloy transformer default flux density is low, so the core size and weight are larger, and its material price is higher than common sense silicon steel sheet. I firmly believe, however, on the basis of our country's current situation, under the joint efforts of all aspects, the research and development of amorphous alloy transformer in the new one hundred will have a greater progress more quickly.
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