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Explanation of amorphous core role in electronic transformer

by:Transmart     2020-08-09
Magnetic core plays an indispensable role in electronic transformer, good magnetic core will influence the effect of electronic transformer. The traditional magnetic core is made using common ferrite, however as technology advances, amorphous core gradually appear, compared with the traditional magnetic core, amorphous core due to the saturation flux density is much higher than ordinary ferrite core, and low loss, small volume and popular. Amorphous core of amorphous core according to the shape of the material can be divided into the strip type magnetic core and powder type magnetic core. Compared with strip type magnetic core, powder type of amorphous core can realize the shape, size, and even more diverse on color, more suitable for small portable electronic transformer. New magnetoelectricity professional production of crystal powder type amorphous magnetic core, according to the company, in 2019, 70% of the transformer will be made of amorphous materials powder of amorphous core market.
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