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Know about the nanocrystalline materials

by:Transmart     2020-10-20
M crystal material in the lower frequency range, make it more suitable for use in transformer and the common mode choke coil, used in inverter drive and high power applications. Nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy material will not be further investigation in this report, but this is an interesting material, may further development, so for the application of high frequency. 2. 4 thermal aging and aging temperature dependence of the core material depends on the bonding material powder. In combination of iron powder material consists of usually yes epoxy resin, thus will be affected by the heat in the core leads to thermal aging. When the adhesive is exposed to high temperatures, the iron loss will increase. Once the iron core is affected by high temperature, the process will be irreversible, namely core loss will increase over time. When using electric iron operation, therefore, to keep the temperature within the more important powder. Iron powder, for example, the Curie temperature over 700 ℃, but keep the usually epoxy or phenol particles together with low temperature. This restriction around 125 ° C, but manufacturers now claims its adhesive can bear high temperature to 200 ℃. Chapter background MPP, powder material such as Sendust and high flux in 450 - the Curie temperature Between 500 ° C, but the important part is keeping grain together of the adhesive, which makes it the effect of heat aging. For the following reasons, usually will be set to a temperature of 200 ° C rated epoxy coating on the surface of the core. These materials are not inherited heat until 200 ℃ ageing makes it more suitable for work in the continuous high temperature.
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