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May Transmart offer warehousing services?
You can ask the detailed information for Transmart Industrial Limited staff by email or phone call, who will give you a perfect solution. A warehouse is a place that is approved by the Treasury Department. These warehouses are used for storing nanocrystalline alloy under bond until duties are paid. It depends on the order required by the buyer, we will try our best to offer the best service for customers.

For so many years, Transmart is considered as a reputable enterprise due to the unwavering high standards in the manufacturing of emc core. Transmart's nanocrystalline cores series contains multiple sub-products. Transmart amorphous core manufacturers is tested under a completely advanced testing environment, which allows it to be compatible with both domestic and international lighting standard in the market. The product has good, stable frequency characteristics. This product is machine washable and can stand up to repeated washings in hot water. This is easy for people to maintain. It is commonly installed in transformers, reactors, inductors, breakers, inverters, etc.

We protect environment in our operation. One example of how we do this is developing products based on recycled materials that are free from harmful substances.
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