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Six methods to reduce no-load loss in power transformer iron core

by:Transmart     2021-01-11
Six methods to reduce no-load loss in power transformer core - 2019 03 - 30 15:05:34 because of no-load loss is an important parameter of transformer core, accounts for only 20% ~ 30% of total loss transformer, to reduce no-load loss, iron core must reduce the amount of iron core, the unit loss coefficient and process. Reduce the no-load loss of the main methods are as follows: ( 1) Using high permeability silicon steel sheet and amorphous alloy plate. Common silicon steel sheet thickness of 0. 3 to 0. 35 mm, low loss, usable and 0. 15 ~ 0. 27 mm。 At the same time, if use ladder pile, and can reduce iron loss is about 8%. Using laser, mechanical indentation and plasma treatment can make the high permeability silicon steel sheet loss is lower. And amorphous alloy plate and the silicon content of rapid cooling principle is 6. 5% of silicon steel sheet, the eddy current loss part than ordinary high permeability silicon steel sheet. ( 2) The coefficient of reduction process. Loss coefficient and silicon steel sheet material, punching and shearing equipment whether degree of annealing, clamping, and many other factors. Hedge shears equipment precision cutting tools, knife and reasonable adjustment is also important. ( 3) Improve the core structure. Core no punching, no binding glass adhesive tape, end face, curing paint and white iron yoke tie with high strength steel belt. Heart column on both sides of the connection of clamp plate pull up and down with the non-magnetic steel plate. For the large capacity of iron chips don't paint processing, improve the filling coefficient and cooling performance. Two core yoke with crush tooling and viscose become a solid, flat, vertical precision of the whole. Reduce iron core lap width can drop, overlapping area of each 1% reduction, no-load loss drops 0. 3%. Core to mix different brands of silicon steel sheet will consume, so should mix or less don't mix. ( 4) Reduce the core window size. Fixed the winding turn insulation ( Thickness) To turn insulation, such as a 120000/110 transformer under the impulse voltage distribution, high voltage winding head end and regulating of turn insulation thickness of 1. 35 mm, the other is 0. 95 mm, and the results after narrowing the window size, heavy iron drop 1. 67%. Under the precondition of safety, reasonable narrow main empty word distance between high and low, to reduce the cake, reinforced insulation oil, shrinking and distance between processing ( Add Angle ring, plate, etc. ) With half oil way, winding structure, shorten the column center distance, reduced the iron core is heavy, and the iron loss reduction. ( 5) No resonance core design. Will at the appropriate frequency, the resonance frequencies of the core design cannot produce a strong resonance, has obvious effect to reduce noise, can save energy for noise reduction and multi-purpose. ( 6) Using roll of iron core transformer and solid core transformer. Roll core less than traditional fold type iron core 4 corners, continuous winding, make full use of the silicon steel sheet orientation by annealing process, reduce the additional loss. Volume of R type iron core, and its cross section space factor is close to 100%. And solid iron core of iron yoke for stereoscopic triangle arrangement, reduce 25% heavier than the planar coil core iron yoke. These factors to explain roll core and solid iron core more energy efficient.
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