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Soft magnetic alloy core used in ferromagnetic materials?

by:Transmart     2020-09-16
Generally, the cooling speed can be accelerated to under low temperature, so that the domain structure of cooling speed ( As the temperature) Sensitive. Soft magnetic alloy core used for annealing of ferromagnetic materials are common in furnace atmosphere is dry, usually prescribed in furnace & lt; - 40°C。 Many researchers have studied the impurities of the harmful effects of ferromagnetism can soft magnetic materials. In iron base alloy, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen is usually produces interstitial impurity of the problem. Have shown that carbon concentration is higher than about 0. 025 weight %. % could damage annealing components in the raw materials of good soft magnetic properties. This is why often in strong reducing atmosphere for ferromagnetic annealing. Iron is widely regarded as the comparison of the electromagnet, but why? It is not a magnetic material, and there are a lot of alloy, steel, for example, you might want to use in modern more alloy. Understand why you easier than using other material to see the core of the electromagnet reason, this paper briefly introduces the electromagnetism of many key points for you, and provides a structured approach to explain what kind of material is often used in the manufacture of the electromagnet. In short, the answer comes down to material of magnetic field 'permeability'. Magnetic origins a bit more complicated than you think. Although most people know something such as a bar magnet has the 'North Pole' and the 'South Pole', opposite poles attract and matching the rejection, but has not been widely understood as to the origin of this force. Magnetic movement from the charged particles. High permeability soft magnetic alloy magnetization, with 'soft' magnetic energy. As a result, high permeability soft magnetic alloy is used as a magnetic material such as iron core transformer or sensor. Has a rectangular hysteresis loop of soft magnetic alloy is a kind of high performance precision alloy. Our factory can provide belt, plate, bar, a lot of style.
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