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Suggestions to our country development of nanotechnology

by:Transmart     2020-06-05
According to the development of nano science and technology at home and abroad the latest situation, introduced to guide the future 5 ~ 10 years the outline of the deployment of nano science and technology development in our country. Improve administration, production, study and research, the depth of the melting agent, planning as a whole by using five kinds of science and technology, promote nanotechnology in basic research, application development, achievements transformation and industrial development, etc, comprehensive development; For major national strategic needs, priorities and important scientific challenges, contributions to organization and coordination of nano technology in our country; Establishment of a comprehensive, regular evaluation on the organizational mechanism of the development of nano science and technology in our country. We will improve the mechanism of disruptive innovation project evaluation, build tolerance failure before others, innovation atmosphere. Improve the scientific research project management approach, ease the pressure that the researchers short-term results, make its dared to choose fundamental is strong, long cycles, risks of nano science and technology leading edge direction, promote the output of major original work. Change research into 'light weight' tendency, stimulate the researchers. Give full play to the positive role of all kinds of talent planning innovation, at the same time pay attention to eliminate its negative effects. Strengthen the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, establish basic research and application development of collaborative innovation mechanism, quicken the transfer of nano science and technology results from the laboratory to the market. Guidance to the enterprises and colleges and universities, research and development of academy in early actively carry out cooperation and docking 'demand' and 'supply', give a full play to the superiority of the enterprise understand market in the innovation decision. Encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development process, promoting the achievements after the results output. Through perfect laws and regulations and implementing rules, norms and protect the interests of enterprises and promoting the transformation of achievements transfer. Strengthen the nano science and technology and information, energy, environment, water resources, human health, advanced manufacturing and other fields of crossover cooperation, to meet the demand of national major strategic priority areas, to promote the development of and solve important scientific challenges provide strong support. Vigorously strengthen the nano science and technology to human health and environmental impact studies, attaches great importance to the research on nano science and technology ethics and social impact, to speed up the research and revision of relevant laws and regulations. Attaches great importance to the application in the field of nano science and technology in national defense. Development and application of big data technology promote the development of nanotechnology. Strengthen the nano science and technology international cooperation, especially in nanomedicine, influence on human health and the environment, international standards and other important areas to strengthen cooperation, complement each other, enhance the efficiency and quality. Support organization scientists and scientific institutions in our country of nano science and technology, both international and regional cooperation, enhance the international voice. In nano science and technology education, covering all stages from basic education to higher education, the training of specialists in the field of nano science and technology. Set up by the national commission on nano science and technology to guide and coordinate the organization, operation, maintenance, nanotechnology official propaganda website and new media platforms, strengthen the public science popularization education, enhance the public on the correct understanding of science and technology, form a good social atmosphere conducive to the development of nanotechnology. Strengthen through the animation and cartoon teenagers popular form of nano science.
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