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What is the distinguishing feature of nanocrystalline core

by:Transmart     2020-07-18
Nanocrystalline core high Bs, high effective permeability, high dc bias stability, high temperature stability, wide frequency adaptability, low power consumption, low cost of new soft magnetic materials, applied to high power, high frequency, miniaturization, high conversion rate of switch power supply transformer and reactor. Now the inverter in the industry of solar energy, water, air, hybrid power conversion charge has great market space and the future, because the performance of the nanocrystalline core has high controllability. Nanocrystalline core surface insulation treatment, evenly mixed with binder and forming and annealing. Nanocrystalline powders obtained there are basically three ways: crystallization of amorphous strip annealing after crushing, mechanical alloying, atomizing molten alloy. Mechanical alloying is still in the laboratory research stage at present, the crystallization of amorphous strip method in domestic there are a few companies, small batch production, but because of the cost can't expand the market. Molten metal atomization method compared with other methods of high efficiency, low cost, its shortcoming in the powder made of amorphous content is low, the loss is on the high side.
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