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What kind of winding pattern can provide great through fault tolerance

by:Transmart     2020-10-19
Windings are round, concentric type, and provide greater fault tolerance. High voltage and low voltage winding adopts continuous disc or spiral winding design. This structure provides great strength and short circuit capacity, increase predictability, reduce the temperature of the hot spot of load and overload. More continuous conductor plate and spiral winding in the whole winding conversion, so that the circulating current losses small. Advanced design technology is used to provide large pulse intensity and small in the winding voltage stress. Abnormal also consider the terminal set to control the voltage stress distribution. Core design adopts multilevel circular cross section, with oblique joint completely. Through the special high speed, the computer control of automatic laminated cutting shears, in order to obtain high dimensional accuracy, closely joint guarantee, small clearance, the large extent reduce the loss of the core excitation current and sound level. Connect the insulation core and frame and in a bit to the ground can prevent the accumulation of static charges. Single point grounding can also eliminate the circulating current and relevant combustible gas. Pick up area was taken to the near the hole opening in the lid or bushing convenient position on the tank cover, in order to test the core insulation. Solid steel side box also provides a complete core structure of high mechanical strength, or short circuit conditions in the process of sustainable transportation overloading stress, and doesn't make the magnetic core and winding deformation.
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