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What matters should be paid attention to in the selection of magnetic ring inductance -

by:Transmart     2023-01-12

When we choose inductors, we need to choose different inductors for different circuit boards. At the same time, we also need to look at the role of inductors in the circuit. Only in this way can we pre-select the desired inductors from many inductor types. So what should we pay attention to when we need to use magnetic ring inductors in the circuit? Today we will learn together the precautions for the selection of magnetic ring inductors. We all know the importance of inductor type selection to a project process. If there is a problem with inductor type selection in the project, it will seriously delay the construction period, waste manpower, and cause major losses of funds. The following points should be paid attention to when selecting the magnetic ring inductor: 1. The inner diameter of the magnetic ring inductor is often a little larger than its own wire diameter, so as not to cause damage to the circuit board wire. 2. When we choose the magnetic ring inductance, we also need to know what its function is in the circuit, that is, what clutter to resist in the circuit, whether it is high frequency or low frequency, because this is about the choice of its important component - magnetic core. There are mainly two kinds of manganese core and nickel core for magnetic ring inductance core. The nickel core anti-interference magnetic ring belongs to high-frequency anti-interference. Its magnetic permeability is generally from tens to one thousand. Its magnetic permeability is low, and the loss is very small under high-frequency operation. Working in short wave, the manganese core magnetic ring inductance is opposite to the nickel core. The choice of these two magnetic cores must be selected by the customer according to the actual application of the magnetic ring inductance. 3. There is another important factor in the selection of magnetic ring inductance - the wire diameter. The size of the wire diameter should be determined according to the actual current of the magnetic ring inductance. In short, when selecting the magnetic ring inductance, if the installation space permits, try to choose a long length, a large outer diameter, and an inner diameter that fits the connecting wire, so that the anti-interference performance will be stronger. If the magnetic ring inductance in the circuit is not selected correctly, or if it is not installed properly during installation, the magnetic ring inductance will not have the proper anti-interference effect, resulting in serious consequences of equipment damage. Therefore, it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine and use the magnetic ring inductance accurately.
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