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What should I do if the current transformer is reversed at one time?

by:Transmart     2022-05-01

The principle of the current transformer is similar to that of the general transformer, which is based on the principle of the magnetic effect of the current. Pay attention to several aspects when using current transformers: 1. One end of the secondary side of the current transformer must be grounded for protection 2. When wiring the current transformer, pay attention to the polarity of the first and secondary winding terminals 3. When the current transformer is operating, two The secondary side cannot lead the way. Current transformers P1 and S1 are of the same polarity, and P2 and S2 are of the same polarity. When the primary current flows from P1 to P2, the secondary side current flows from S1 to S2. In view of this kind of problem that the meter is reversed and reversed due to the different polarity caused by the reverse side connection. If the polarity is incorrect, it will cause one-phase measurement to be in the opposite direction. If the first-circuit side is connected reversely, then the computer must be connected in the opposite direction, that is, P2 and P1/S2 and S1. If you don't change the primary side, you can also change the secondary side to operate properly, but it is recommended to re-wiring, after all, this is a habit, and it also facilitates replacement in the middle and later stages.
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