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With the rapid development of wireless charging nanocrystalline technology innovation

by:Transmart     2020-07-19
, with the rapid development of wireless charging, charging now smartphones, smart dressing equipment, intelligent household system, new energy vehicles, and many other industries more blooming, one hundred billion yuan in sales market once again blowing wind. But wireless charging has many difficulties to manufacturing personnel have a headache is not himself, and the whole industry chain have been towards the contracted wind, quick charge, temperature control, intelligent, playability and so on five big aspects development trend. Recently, huawei mobile phone manufacturers such as the wireless network wireless charging power output increased to 15 w, let all manufacturing industries are encouraged. Keep power wireless charging, wireless charging current practitioners face many challenges, including: electromagnetic induction in the middle of the transformation of high efficiency, more and more tight magnetic coupling, dry magnetic deflection, thermoelectric effect, part of the correction, load adjustment. This will cause the wireless charging battery parts can't point to, the battery conversion efficiency, battery charging time is too long to wait for a few kinds. As one of the important components of wireless charging technology, an magnets in wireless charging equipment improving induction electromagnetic field and the effect of blocking electromagnetic coil dry scratched, so the wireless charging machine equipment specifications on the function of permanent magnetic material and goods, high credibility and other rules. Goods across generations, although attention, strange is not fun to obtain a key link in the process of sales market, the customer care is still feeling. Wireless network wireless charging even if can improve the customer experience is important, but also has the battery problem, slow so sought-after relatively improve battery power output. But traditional ferrite core raw material burned in wireless charging problem is more serious, do not consider power battery requirement already. , by contrast, nanocrystalline materials contain a variety of probability, used in the wireless charging in the future development potential is enormous. In the application of wireless charging and RX touch group design scheme, the advantage of nanocrystalline materials is appears to be comfortable. Nanocrystalline materials have high saturation magnetic induction ( ) And permeability & gt; 800, under the high magnetic induction of high frequency loss inferior variety well integrated with magnetic energy, can sell on the market at present stage is comprehensive best yes raw materials. Nowadays, more because of its advantage in nanocrystalline magnets to excel in several important main parameter detection, slowly replace ferrite core into many new choose wireless charging manufacturers. According to statistics, amorphous Nano - M - Sheet of saturated magnetic induction than ferrite core, its ability to resist saturation state work far exceeds the ferrite core. Nano - M - Sheet materials of magnetic induction intensity with the temperature change is not big, not easy to magnetic saturation state, good reliability in ferrite core temperature. Aluminum alloy amorphous strip on top of that, the Nano - M - Sheet raw material with high saturation magnetic flux and low loss characteristics and good thermal conductivity, under the same standard wireless charging work, Nano - M - The temperature of the Sheet material to 7 ~ 8 ℃ lower than the ferrite core. Contrast, ferrite core raw material is very easy to over saturation state, when it is applied in the wireless charging, then the rise of temperature, magnetic induction is reduced, reducing blocking features, vortex, burning more serious, produce polarization. And the Nano - M - Sheet material properties at 80 ℃ is very smooth, of the following, with the ascension of temperature, magnetic induction has decreased, but the change is not big, only. Shenzhen an magnets co. , LTD. Is a set design, product development, production and marketing of amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic material and electronic devices new technology companies, main business nanocrystalline strip, superfine crystal core, permalloy core, high power transformer core, nanocrystalline magnetic ring inductance, electromagnetic loop coil, a well-formed transformer, common mode inductor, precision current transformer and other products have the advantages of good stability and high electrical parameters. 。 At present, the enterprise of amorphous nanocrystalline processing technology in the industrial production of amorphous strip contains smelting, spray, send + calibration, such as winding process step by step, at the present stage quench angular velocity more than ~ 30 m/SEC, amorphous strip alternated to 18 ~ 37 um, total width of amorphous strip. To usher in the new sales market challenges and the high efficiency, low loss, thin fashion models of sales market, an magnetic amorphous silicon product research and development program will next in the ascension of nanocrystalline goods, technical improvement, new product development and design of a total of three aspects. In nanocrystalline materials product research and development level, reduce Hc soft magnetic materials, ascending Bs to carry out the alloy composition. At this point of 18 microns thin nanometer cryst-allite amorphous, reduce the eddy current loss and improve network bandwidth, frequency will be reduced to 12 ~ 15 microns goods its thickness. According to improve permeability, improve product consistency, the nanometer cryst-allite amorphous constant support quenching overall goals more than 12000 ~ 15000. According to statistics, nanometer cryst-allite amorphous crystal constant support when the tempering process, can cause the magnetic anisotropy, make thin belt length orientation to be magnetized axis, thus in a large scope of manipulation permeability, produce different magnetic permeability of nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials. This kind of low permeability properties of nanocrystalline soft magnetic material is eddy current loss is small, can under the condition of higher frequency and electromagnetic field superposition to suppress low permeability, so direct current accumulation can be used in high frequency area. Online for free in nanometer cryst-allite amorphous insulating layer covering the technical level, the amorphous will reduce loss, improve frequency network bandwidth, lower commodity alternated for technical improvement. In the future, amorphous also according to the stretch film piece of technical development and design a network can reduce the eddy current loss and improving frequency bandwidth, lower commodity bao hou mu m class soft magnetic powder.
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Overall, nanocrystalline cores may be a great way for manufacturers to expand their use of technology, but the price could present a significant hurdle for some businesses.
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