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Amorphous iron core in the application of the transformer

by:Transmart     2020-05-11
Amorphous strip is a kind of new high-tech green material, its manufacturing process of zero emissions, zero pollution is really green manufacturing, by the national listed in the 'purpose of' five major scientific research projects in the planning. Its manufacture principle is the steel alloy material such as high temperature melting, to millions of degrees per second cooling speed rapid cooling to room temperature, so that its internal atoms will be too late to restore arrangement, form the crystallization strip material. Compared with common crystalline and amorphous, amorphous strip material form of physical, chemical and mechanical properties are great changes have taken place, and have widely used in many industries. By use of amorphous core transformer as an example, we use the traditional transformer inside silicon steel as the core, there is big volume, operation of electricity power is too large, the problem such as short service life of the product. Amorphous iron core made from amorphous strip, compared to the silicon steel core, transformer no-load starting had significantly lower energy consumption, the experimental data show that using amorphous iron core power consumption can have a 85% drop, saving energy and reducing consumption. Amorphous iron core occupied area is small, can make more space for other equipment. Through further explore the transformer tank room for improvement, so as to prolong the service life of products, saving the maintenance cost for the user. It is amorphous iron core offers so many advantages, market prospect is very broad. Yueqing Xiao teng electric is a has ten years of amorphous materials production development of the company. Company has a number of national scientific research experts and engineering and technical personnel. The amorphous industry market steady and rapid development, broad prospects, welcome interested persons to on-the-spot investigation, business negotiations.
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