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Made of steel sheet transformer core will reduce unwanted power

by:Transmart     2020-09-20
To reduce the unnecessary power consumption of a kind of method is made of steel sheet transformer core. In the type of transformer structure, core consists of material made of thin silicon steel laminated. These thin laminated together, in order to provide the required magnetic circuit, and has a small magnetic loss. Resistivity of steel plate itself is very high, so by making thin laminated to reduce eddy current loss. These steel the thickness of the transformer lamination at 0. 25 mm to 0. Change between 5 mm, and because the steel is a conductor, laminated and bolt and rivets or bolts through the thin paint coating or by oxidation layer on the surface of the table. Usually, related to the transformer structure depends on how winding and winding around the name of the laminated steel core. The two common and basic structure of transformer design is closed and shell core transformer. In the 'closed core' model ( Core form) Transformer winding coil in external ring and around the core. In the 'shell' ( Shell mold) Transformer winding in the form of steel magnetic circuit ( Iron core) , the forming shell surrounding the winding in the design of two types of transformer core, windings connection transmission of magnetic flux in the core, through the air flux without loss. In iron core transformer structure, each half of the winding winding in transformer magnetic circuit of each leg ( Or body) Around the shell type transformer iron core to overcome the leakage magnetic flux, because winding coil, which has two limbs of cross-sectional area. Here is the advantage of magnetic flux has two closed magnetic circuit, before returning to the coil in the external flow in left and right sides of the coil.
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