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Has Soft Magnetic Materials passed the QC test?
Along with our internal QC testing, Transmart Industrial Limited also endeavors to get a third party certification to confirm that the superior quality and functionality of our goods. Our quality management applications are detailed, from the selection of materials for delivery of the finished product. Our Soft Magnetic Materials is extensively tested to ensure that it meets the highest standards for performance and reliability.
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Transmart is known to be "the choice of professionals" worldwide. We develop, produce, and distribute nanocrystalline ribbon for global customers. The amorphous core series is one of the main products of Transmart. Transmart common mode chokes will go through professional quality testing. It will be inspected under visual inspection, non-destructive inspection, and metallographic examination. The product makes electronic devices more energy-saving. By using this product that is highly recognizable, one can strengthen the brand’s presence by expanding the radius of potential customers. This product is mainly applied in the electronic industry.

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