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How many people in Transmart R&D department?
There are several people, who are all professional and experienced in Soft Magnetic Materials field, employed in Transmart Industrial Limited R&D department. In this competitive society, we have been consistently developing R&D ability to improve the competitiveness of our product. We have always attached great importance to developing new products, which is beneficial for us to be a leading manufacturer.
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Transmart is known for strong ability in manufacturing market-oriented nanocrystalline ribbon. We are considered as an expert in the China market. According to the material, Transmart's products are divided into several categories, and mumetal cores is one of them. Transmart mu metal transformer core is an exclusively designed thermal solution for particular applications. By enlarging its heat radiating area or optimizing the materials in the circulation parts is often conducted to check its heat dissipation performance. The product has excellent thermal stability, working stably from a wide temperature range. The product has been widely recognized in the industry under the influence of we. The product has good, stable frequency characteristics.
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Various new amorphous cut core will continue to be introduced by we. Please contact.

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