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How many Transmart custom toroidal transformer are sold per year?
The sales of Transmart Industrial Limited toroidal transformer are becoming better and better in recent years. They have been exported to many countries and receive high recognition, which in turn promotes our competitiveness and growth. This improvement mainly attributes to our new sales models. We have abandoned antiquated, ineffective sales models and processes. We re-examine our distribution channel strategies and begin to adopt Internet channels. For example, we build our own website and establish social media accounts which allow us to reach out to more potential customers.

Transmart is a name that reflects high quality and value for money. We earn a reputation as a dependable problem solver through providing inductor manufacturers. Transmart's amorphous core series contains multiple sub-products. Transmart is superior in raw materials. Inferior materials are totally rejected into the factory, which ensures the luminous efficiency. The unrivaled magnetic properties are counted as its most prominent feature. Clothes result in the man. It’s an old adage, but true. This piece of clothing can help produce a better individual impression on others. This product is distinguished for its almost zero magnetostriction.

Our workforce is diverse and inclusive and highly motivated to do the right thing for all our customers. We take enormous pride in helping each and every one of our employees to fulfill their potential.
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