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The emergence of soft magnetic alloy

by:Transmart     2020-09-30
With modern power inductors and transformers in the shrinking of placeholder, higher magnetic flux low loss is still the traditional ferrite materials and metal is becoming a fascinating. A candidate for replacement strategy is based on the form of amorphous metal glass CoFeBSi soft magnetic alloy. Soft magnetic alloy introduce two different series by arc melting and then melt spinning ( Quenching) Preparation of soft magnetic alloy based on CoFeBSi structure and magnetic energy, the target is the relative frequency of 100 kHz or higher potential applications. Nominal alloy composition is representative commercial Vitrovac Co67Fe11Si16Mo2 and Co72 - xFexB28- y( B including non magnetic elements, such as boron, silicon, etc. Between 4% to 5%, x y between 0% to 2%) #, expressed as alloy can be used as a commercial Vitrovac, as shown in figure 1, and prepare as possible, namely, low power consumption and low coercive force. Arc melting alloys at room temperature magnetization measurements show that, compared with Vitrovac alloy # 1 has decreased by 10, coercive force Hc is about 1. 4点- 1, higher factor ( 女士/ Hc> 96) 。 Alloy melt spinning into thin tape (
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