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0. 1 mm low iron loss of silicon steel sheet, the better quality will be

by:Transmart     2021-01-24

0。 1 mm oriented silicon steel iron loss is low. In terms of its quality itself, in fact also is an important index of, in terms of the world, it is also to iron loss values to direct will divide the brand, as 0. 1 mm orientation, the lower the iron loss of silicon steel sheet, in terms of its brand, it actually is, the higher, the quality is also higher.

0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet of magnetic induction intensity is higher. Then, we also is to actually pay attention to, under the same magnetic field can obtain relatively high magnetic induction on the silicon steel sheet, then our for its manufacture motor or transformer core is on the volume and the weight is also smaller, compare, it is also can be directly will save silicon steel sheet or copper wire and insulation materials, etc.

in addition, we also is to note that actually said to zero. 1 mm orientation in the silicon steel sheet pile loading coefficient is also higher. Is it actually is the surface of the silicon steel sheet will be more smooth, is also on its formation and thickness is uniform and manufacture iron core is piled up coefficient increased.

but to go directly to the choice of the quality better 0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet, plate sex, that is, it will be much more better. This time, we also is to actually pay attention to making small or micro motor iron core, as such, it is also important. On its surface for insulating film adhesion and weldability is also will be good, this time, we can actually is anticorrosive and improve its laminations. With respect to its magnetic aging phenomenon is also relatively small.

0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet must go through annealing and pickling before delivery. Electrician, it actually is to directly use hot rolled silicon steel sheet, it contains carbon loss low silicon soft magnetic alloy in fact is also as the material, then after hot rolling, the thickness of it actually is also will be less than 1 mm sheet, close to what we speak of 0. 1 mm oriented silicon steel sheet.
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