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The classification of the magnets

by:Transmart     2020-07-20
Mainly divided into hard magnetic and soft magnetic magnetic materials. Hard magnetic material: is that when the magnetizing field removed after, still can have magnetic material; Soft magnetic material is when the magnetic field exists, has the very high magnetic induction intensity, when the magnetizing field after removed, loss of magnetic materials. In this case, the hard and soft is not on the mechanical properties of hard and soft, it is the hard and soft magnetic properties. Magnetic force refers to the magnetic materials after plus magnetization of the magnetic field can long retain its strong magnetic ( Magnetic) That is characterized by high coercive force. Coercive force is to through demagnetization magnetic materials after magnetization with residual magnetism ( The residual magnetic flux density and remanent magnetization) Down to zero magnetic field intensity. Easy magnetization and soft magnetic material is added magnetic field, and easy demagnetization, namely low coercive force of magnetic materials. Demagnetization refers to the added magnetic field ( Called the magnetizing field) After make the magnetization of the magnetic material, add with magnetizing field opposite the direction of the magnetic field reduce its magnetic field. Soft magnetic material: soft magnetic materials in general can be divided into four categories. 1) alloy thin belt or chip: FeNi ( Mo) , FeSi, FeAl, etc. (2) the amorphous alloy strip, Fe, Co, and FeNi base and FeNiCo base with appropriate Si, B, P and other impurity elements, also called magnetic glass. (3) magnetic medium ( Iron powder core) :FeNi( Mo) , ferrite and FeSiAl, carbonyl iron powder, after electrical insulating dielectric coating and adhesive in accordance with the requirements of pressing. (4) ferrite: including spinel ─ ─ m. o. Fe2O3 ( M on behalf of NiZn, MnZn, MgZn, Li1/2 fe1/2 zinc, CaZn, etc. ) Type, magnetic lead stone ─ Ba3Me2Fe24O41 ( Me on behalf of Co and Ni, Mg, zinc, Cu and its composite components) 。 The application of soft magnetic materials, mainly used in magnetic antenna, inductors, transformers, magnetic head, headphones, relay, vibrator, deflection yoke, cable TV, delay line, sensors, microwave absorbing materials, electromagnet, accelerator high-frequency acceleration cavity, probe, magnetic substrate, magnetic shielding, high frequency quenching, magnetic chuck, magnetic sensor ( Such as magnetic thermal material for switch) And so on. Comprehensive above, our company is circular and products are mainly used for amorphous nanocrystalline soft magnetic strip baseband material of iron.
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