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The influence of binder for magnetic

by:Transmart     2020-10-02
For this purpose, has achieved some operation stage. Using different adhesive ( 0. 2% to 2%) And different pressure ( From 400 to 700 MPa) , soft magnetic alloy prepared samples required for electromagnetic measurement and mechanical test samples required. Has conducted a series of measurements. For problems involving the result accuracy, using the program considering the error of plus or minus 1%. There is, however, emphasize that the data obtained form the same programs and equipment to obtain the result of a series of antagonism between; So against the results in addition to keep the accuracy, but also maintain its sex. SMC can glue percentage of magnetic effects such as shown below: comparison of the 700 MPa for suppression of SMC magnetic flux density B, the magnetic field H. As expected, can reduce the magnetic resin content. According to this view, with 0. The results obtained 2% of phenolic resin is considered to be satisfactory, and the characteristics of commercial products. Can also emphasize the I. 我。 P。 C。 Is considered to be the reference pressure is under 800 MPa is pressure. In the pressing pressure of 700 MPa ( 一) %, under the condition of different adhesive and binder content is 0. 2% ( b) Under the different pressure of magnetic properties. Compaction pressure on the influence of magnetic can not clear, but related to the percentage content of adhesive. The higher the resin content, the smaller the pressure increase on the influence of mould. As mentioned earlier, in the case of low resin content can obtain good results: in this case, the increase of the pressure in the characteristics of the SMC sample plays an important role.
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