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Type C core process control and process

by:Transmart     2020-05-24
Type C core process control and process Some high-end products from the strict process control, our company for every process is very strict, in order to make the technical indicators can be higher than international index and other companies. Below I introduce all C control and process first in the selection of core technology, we are very targeted, for different customer order requirements, we will choose the corresponding materials, each material will have a business to provide a certificate and test report, as well as IQC check test data. The second step is article, we use a selection of slitting equipment and hard alloy knife, each production capacity is strong, can achieve 2 t/day. The third step is winding, with high precision automatic iron core of biaxial drive around the equipment. Its production capacity of 11 tons a day, although the material is different, also changed our coefficient, but the control of its good. General slice thickness of 0. 23 - - - - - - - 0. The 25 mm new material, the laminated coefficient of 0. 97 or 0. 98; Thickness of 0. 1 - — 0. 2 mm new material laminated coefficient value; Thick 0. 05 - - - - - - - 0. 08 new material laminated coefficient value is 0. 90 or 0. 91. Next is plastic, the company strictly required end surface must level off, in addition to using four bar steel belt fixed plastic in order to increase the accuracy of the size and shape control. Step 4 is annealing, this step with 12 nitrogen filled mesh belt and high vacuum annealing furnace, the nitrogen making machine can provide 250 m3 / h high purity nitrogen, the quality is very high. Then after demoulding automatically with vacuum pressure leaching paint dry. With imported resin paint. After grinding and polishing finishing again. Cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning, but will also add special water-based anti-rust liquid to wash rust. Finally finished shockproof packaging, there is a vacuum and gas phase anti-rust paper to rust.
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